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American Global Consulting (AGC), headquartered in Manama, Bahrain, is a consulting firm that provides an entire range of educational and commercial services to the private and public sectors in the Arabian Gulf.  Higher education and executive education are the top priorities of American Global Consulting.  AGC has a large network of American and European universities with which it works closely to establish new and meaningful educational programs that fit the needs of countries in the Arabian Gulf.

Specifically, AGC is working with significant international institutions to bring globally-accredited advanced degrees and executive/management training programs to Bahrain and the Gulf Region.  AGC believes it is also increasingly important to prepare citizens to compete in the “knowledge-based” and “creativity-based” global economy. 

AGC is committed to providing Gulf citizens with new and innovative educational opportunities, we are currently working with TAMKEEN and Institute of Public Administration (Saudi Arabia) to create partnerships with Muhlenberg College (Pennsylvania), Syracuse University (New York) and American University Washington D.C, Indiana University, State University of New York at Albany.

American Global Consulting also works to improve education and culture exchange between the United States and countries in the Arabian Gulf through its extensive network of contacts within the U.S. public institutions.  AGC is also well known for its ability to raise the positions and profiles of Gulf nations within the United Nations system. 

American Global Consulting has a creative team in Bahrain and the United States with a strong network of contacts in the corporate community, U.S. government, United Nations, and in higher education.