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Cultural diplomacy is the exchange of ideas, information, art and other aspects of culture between nations and their peoples in order to foster mutual understanding. The purpose of cultural diplomacy is for the people of a foreign nation to develop an understanding of the nation’s ideals and institutions in an effort to build broad support for economic and political goals.

American Global Consulting (AGC) specializes in organizing special cultural diplomacy programs between specific countries around the world and the United States. We believe that cultural diplomacy can help a nation better understand the United States and foster mutual understanding. Cultural diplomacy is a way of conducting international relations without expecting anything in return in the way that traditional diplomacy typically expects. Cultural exchange programs work as a medium to relay a favorable impression of the foreign country in order to gain outsiders’ understanding and approval in their cultural practices and naturalize their social norms among other cultures:

  • Higher education services
  • The arts including films, dance, music, painting, sculpture, etc.
  • Exhibition which offer the potential to showcase numerous objects of culture
  • Educational programs such as universities and language programs abroad
  • Exchanges – scientific, artistic, educational etc.
  • Literature the establishment of libraries abroad and translation of popular and national works.
  • Broadcasting of news and cultural programs.
  • Gifts to a nation, which demonstrates thoughtfulness and respect.
  • Religious diplomacy, including inter-religious dialogue.
  • Promotion and explanation of ideas and social policies.

American Global Consulting (AGC) has worked to extend Cultural Diplomacy worldwide through music and film. Specifically, AGC has been involved in film programs organized for young filmmakers from around the world. AGC facilitated their visit to Hollywood and assisted them in developing the technical and creative tools needed to document important social issues in their countries of origin.

This program served two purposes:

  1. To provide training for young filmmakers and organize outlets for their films.
  2. To raise awareness in the U.S. film industry about important social issues and the struggles of young international filmmakers around the world. Participants include producers, directors, writers, cinematographers and actors. AGC also received grants worth millions of dollars from the U.S. State Department to bring well known musicians to other countries around the world to give concerts and represent the United States.