Program Summary

This course is designed to equip students with international business law concepts and covers the main topics in this field such as the settlement of disputes, the Multinational Organization, Foreign investment laws and codes, as well as legal issues arising out among businesses in the cross-border context. Therefore, the class will examine the international contract law, conflict of laws, i.e. in case of insolvency, international private dispute resolution, choice of foreign law and the basic elements of E-commerce. The course will help international affairs and other non-law students to have a general understanding in international business law so that they are better placed to understand the underlying legal environment in international economic affairs. In addition, this course will review and discuss several chapter questions and cases in brief, as well as certain Court decisions, treaties resolutions and other international legal instruments of importance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand general concepts of international business law
  • Identify and locate main sources and authorities of international business law
  • Read and interpret basic international business law provisions
  • Apply international business law provision to fact patterns and real-life scenarios

Assessment Methods

  • Pre and post test
  • In class Q & A
  • In class activities

Grading System

  • Class Participation 30%
  • PowerPoint Presentations 35%
  • Final Examination 35%
  • Total 100%

Total Training Hours & Days

40 hours

Who should attend or potential job Occupation?

  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Potential corporate Lawyers

Topics / Content outline

  1. Introduction to International Business Law, the International Legal system
  2. International conflict of Laws, the settlement of disputes through diplomacy
  3. The Multinational Enterprise: strategies for doing business globally, Ecommerce
  4. The regulation of international contracts; cross border insolvency
  5. The international contract: issues and clauses
  6. The joint ventures: structure, powers and responsibilities
  7. Drafting, execution and performance of international contracts,

representations, warranties and financial covenants

  1. Final Exam

Trainer Name

Dr. Benedetta Podesta