Investment Consulting

American Global Consulting, Inc.’s investment mission is to empower its clients to achieve financial strength and advance business and personal objectives. We fulfill this mission by leveraging our experience and expertise to assist our clients in successfully addressing the challenges presented to investors by ever-evolving capital markets. We are our clients’ trusted advocate for building disciplined, efficient and innovative investment portfolios that provide customized consulting and investment solutions.  Specifically, AGC consultants provide strategic advice on asset allocation, risk management, investment policy development, asset class structuring, investment manager evaluation and monitoring.  We learn as much as we can about our client and make recommendations based solely on their needs and objectives.  Specific services offered by AGC consultants include investment education; cost containment; setting investment objectives; asset allocation; performance, measurements and evaluations; and search and selection of investment manager.  American Global Consulting provides these services in order to develop an effective overall investment strategy for its clients.

Our Services

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