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Tamkeen Entrepreneurship Training Program Bahrain

In 2014, Manama was named the first Arab capital of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Since then, Bahrain has bolstered its position in the region as a leading banking and financial sector and has worked hard to empower Bahrainis of all stripes with the knowledge and necessary skills for Bahrain to maintain a unique and high-energy level of entrepreneurship.  Today, Bahrain is humming with events, forums, workshops and programs that expose its young people towards entrepreneurship, innovation and private sector initiatives.

The spirit of entrepreneurship, especially among the young people seems to be everywhere.  The Government and national leadership is facilitating economic diversification in the right way.  And all this leads to one big result:  job creation.

Against this exciting national backdrop, Tamkeen, Bahrain’s Labor Fund, is in the lead –tasked with making the private sector the key driver of the country’s economic development. The Labor Fund works hard to increase productivity and efficiency among businesses and helps to generate value-added job opportunities in the Kingdom.  This proposal by American Global Consulting responds to Tamkeen’s ongoing search for programs like bootcamps, workshops, training sessions and other competency building activities aimed at raising awareness and building knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, through a holistic program seeking to raise local entrepreneurial knowledge and skills with a focus on innovation.

In recent years, Tamkeen has launched over 200 programs and initiatives focused on perfecting the skills that young entrepreneurs need to develop in order to be successful like funding and financing, skill and career progression, customized employment schemes, and entrepreneurship exposure.  Tamkeen’s initiatives address and respond to key economic challenges facing Bahrainis and businesses at various stages of their development, from start-ups to mature companies, and from students to senior executives. Today, Tamkeen plays an indisputably impactful, distinct and critical role in the landscape of the Kingdom’s national economic development.

To enhance and further strengthen this important trend far into the future, American Global Consulting Inc., a Bahraini-based public policy organization specializing in global education, is submitting this proposal to highlight a special “Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation” program that is designed and executed by a top university in the United States.  Muhlenberg College is an elite, private liberal arts college near Philadelphia that has a strong international profile on innovation and entrepreneurship.  American Global Consulting and Muhlenberg College have collaborated on this special three-part program that will provide intense training to middle and senior executives in Bahrain, hand-picked by Tamkeen.  These executives will receive support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises and individuals in Bahrain.  The training sessions are meant to help the participants develop the skills and capabilities of Bahrain’s human capital to promote sound workplace ethics, and training on leadership and management best practices.  The three-part program will also emphasize standard Tamkeen practices like business mentoring and coaching, and experience-building. The course work focuses on building general market knowledge in various topics related to entrepreneurship.  And finally, participating executives will also be exposed to the newest global best practices, skills and trends in these fields and have access to some of the most successful U.S. entrepreneurs and their thinking.

The three major components to this program are summarized below:

  1. Part One of the “Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program” takes place in Bahrain.  Two faculty members from Muhlenberg College will travel to Manama four times over the course of one year to conduct highly intensive and professional one-week training sessions for approximately 25 mid-level and senior Bahraini executives.  The course focuses on the newest innovative and entrepreneurship skills and mindsets and will be customized specifically to fit Bahrain’s economic situation.  This is a hands-on learning experience in a classroom environment that promotes creativity.  The primary goal of the course will be to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. Topics for the course include learning the use of the Business Model Canvas, utilizing lean startup methodologies to develop a business idea, and design thinking to promote innovation. Throughout the five-day course, participants will work to develop a feasibility study for a new product or service that they will present at the end of each session.  This course will be repeated a total of four times during a one-year period.
  2. Part Two takes place on the beautiful Muhlenberg campus in the United States.Muhlenberg will conduct an intensive summer training session for some of Bahrain’s most promising young entrepreneurs.Tamkeen will choose 25 participants for this program.  These Bahraini innovators and entrepreneurs will be exposed to a wide range of thinking and business leaders who are involved in advancing all the fundamental skills involved with innovation and entrepreneurship.  This experience will include open and closed sessions with senior business and government leaders in major American cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.   The aim of these meetings is to provide Tamkeen executives with real-life experience. The focus will be on how government and industry work together to promote the entrepreneurial mindset.   The Summer session includes trips to local business incubators, accelerator programs, and venture capital firms in major metropolitan hubs of innovation (e.g. New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C).  Participants will develop a plan to establish a culture of entrepreneurship in their own workplace or in their country as a whole. This will take place as part of a two-week residential program which includes all meals, housing, and transportation.
  3. Part Three is a VIP Lecture Series in Bahrain that will bring world-renowned entrepreneurs to Bahrain three times over the course of one year, in concert with other sections of the program, to deliver major addresses to Tamkeen’s general membership and to meet with the Kingdom’s young entrepreneurs.  The American Global Consulting group will identify and secure speakers, with the advice of Muhlenberg College and Tamkeen.  For a representative list of such speakers, we will also work with the well-known investment bank of Goldman Sachs and their “Builders and Innovation Summit”.