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We Harness

We offer an entire range of services to
the private and public sectors in the Arabian Gulf.

What We Do


We offer an entire range of commercial services to the private and public sectors in the Arabian Gulf. We have a creative team in Bahrain and in the United States with a strong network of contacts in the Corporate Community, U.S. Government, United Nations and in higher education.

Management Consultancy

We have a dedicated team of management professionals that help provide solutions to management challenges and problems.

Franchise Consulting

We offer a series of comprehensive training courses in franchising through our new Union Training Center.

Investment Consulting

Our investment mission is to empower its clients to achieve financial strength and advance business and personal objectives.

Cyber Security Services

We implement security measures to mitigate potential exploitation that impacts the overall health of organizations.

Taxation Consulting

Our team serves organizations by constantly updating its clients on new taxation law and providing accurate and timely information about what steps need to be taken.

Establishing & Advising Companies

We help business organizations thrive in their respective markets by helping them focus on their most critical issues and opportunities.

Public Relations

We are experts in developing strategic communications between companies, individuals, and organization.


We have partnered with prestigious schools to offer accredited degrees in different learning centers around the globe.

Our Mission

We harness our creativity and turn it into a viable solution.

Comprised of seasoned professionals, industry veterans, and specialists in diverse fields, our team stands at the forefront of innovation and strategic thinking. We bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions for our clients. AGC's experts are not just advisors; they are partners in your journey to success. With a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and staying ahead of industry trends, our team is ready to navigate challenges and unlock opportunities. Trust in the proficiency of AGC's Team of Experts to guide you towards sustainable growth and global impact.

We understand that success often hinges on the strength of networks. Our commitment to your prosperity goes beyond conventional consulting—we leverage a robust and extensive network of contacts in the Corporate Community, U.S. Government, United Nations, and higher education. When you partner with AGC, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities, collaborations, and insights. Our ability to navigate diverse sectors and establish meaningful connections positions us as your strategic ally in the pursuit of growth. Let AGC help you maximize networks, unlocking doors to new possibilities and ensuring your ventures thrive in an interconnected global landscape.

We thrive on the philosophy that challenges are not roadblocks but gateways to innovation. Our strategic approach revolves around transforming obstacles into opportunities. With a dynamic team of problem solvers, AGC is adept at navigating complexities and turning challenges into strategic advantages. Whether it's market fluctuations, regulatory hurdles, or technological disruptions, we see each challenge as a chance to innovate and propel our clients forward. Trust AGC to not just overcome obstacles but to turn them into stepping stones toward sustainable success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

We help people
achieve goals

In 2017, American Global Consulting’s Education Arm was launched to offer a broad spectrum of flexible, affordable, and highly accredited academic programs that enable upward socioeconomic mobility and are key to lifelong learning focused on personal development.

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