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Franchise Consulting


We offer comprehensive training courses in franchising.

Franchising is one of the most exciting new business opportunities all around the Arabian Gulf. Yet there is little formal training available and very few experts or consultants who can grow this industry and assist entrepreneurs on how to become franchisees or how best to invest in this business. American Global Consulting is now pleased to offer a series of comprehensive training courses in franchising through its new Union Training Center. In addition, American Global Consulting has special access to the most knowledgeable experts on franchising and the most successful practitioners of existing franchises. Our clients will learn the fundamentals of franchising — how to grow a franchise and what skills are needed to succeed and have opportunities to explore and make connections with some of the most successful brands around the world like KFC and Papa John’s. AGC’s franchise clients will learn about the International Franchise Association as well, the trade association headquartered in Washington DC that governs the practice of franchising across the world. Government agencies in the Gulf which are seeking specialized franchise training in order to develop their nation’s economy are advised to join this program as are private sector entrepreneurs who are planning to establish a franchise of their own. UTC’s franchising certification program provides the knowledge and contacts needed to establish and maintain the best international franchises in the Arabian Gulf.

American Global Consulting, Inc. has a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable management professionals in the fields of business development, risk analysis, cost management, and other relevant areas that help provide solutions to management challenges and problems. AGC’s management experience allows our firm to bring the best practices from leading corporations around the world to the Gulf and to compile important management strategies so that our client’s businesses maintain a level of excellence. Additional, and if necessary, AGC also has access to some of the best management experts in the world. We work to identify management problems through scheduled consultations with our clients and highlighting relevant case studies. We review and thoroughly analyze information established through research conducted both in-house and off-site. AGC will also conducting interviews and/or facilitated focus group discussions that include both management and employees in order to get to smooth management wrinkles. We will develop a series of recommendations for our clients in order to improve efficiency and assist in the development of all necessary programs required to implement effective change in our clients’ organizations.

What We Do


We offer an entire range of commercial services to the private and public sectors in the Arabian Gulf. We have a creative team in Bahrain and in the United States with a strong network of contacts in the Corporate Community, U.S. Government, United Nations and in higher education.

Management Consultancy

We have a dedicated team of management professionals that help provide solutions to management challenges and problems.

Franchise Consulting

We offer a series of comprehensive training courses in franchising through our new Union Training Center.

Investment Consulting

Our investment mission is to empower its clients to achieve financial strength and advance business and personal objectives.

Cyber Security Services

We implement security measures to mitigate potential exploitation that impacts the overall health of organizations.

Taxation Consulting

Our team serves organizations by constantly updating its clients on new taxation law and providing accurate and timely information about what steps need to be taken.

Establishing & Advising Companies

We help business organizations thrive in their respective markets by helping them focus on their most critical issues and opportunities.

Public Relations

We are experts in developing strategic communications between companies, individuals, and organization.


We have partnered with prestigious schools to offer accredited degrees in different learning centers around the globe.